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  Jason Strougo (BArch, BFA - Rhode Island School of Design) has been a VFX & CGI Director since 1992.

Jason is a two time Emmy award winning director who has collaborated with award winning live action directors as well as other studios to produce:

* VFX spots
* film effects
* broadcast design
* pre-visualization computer graphics for CG /live action as well as for purely live action shots
* ride film & game content
* high end simulations including live action camera robotics & CGI pollination

Jason is a proven leader. He is a former professor of animation at School of Visual Arts for undergraduate and graduate programs with students having gone on to work at Pixar, Sony Pictures Imageworks, BlueSky Studios, Dreamworks, Digital Domain and more.
Throughout his career, he has been responsible for all aspects of animated / VFX productions. As an animator & director, Jason has created hundreds of CG spots, hands-on. His talents range from live action / CG integration, to full up character animation, as well as visual effects supervision for CG related live action.
As a department lead, he has been responsible for building and managing teams of 50+ artists. Jason has been a key member of productions worldwide, combining his unique, wide range of skill sets.


Highlights of Jason's career include:

2001-present - President / Hangman Digital

Launched “The Wonder Pets” which became the #1 Pre-school show in America

1996-2001 - Animation Director / Nickelodeon (MTV Networks) - responsible for running all digital production within three studio departments (NYC, Burbank, Orlando)

1992-1994 -  VFX supervisor - R/Greenberg & Associates - NYC

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