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The Wonder Pets

Posted on Oct 14th 2010, 12:46

 In 2002, Little Airplane Productions / Jason Strougo produced and pitched the original concept for NickJr's "Wonder Pets". This pitch included two animated spots featuring a loveable guinea pig and her "after school adventures". These interstitials are animated against Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake in an effort to introduce children to the magic of "their first opera". It's a balance of fun and sophistication.


As the former director of animation for Nickelodeon, Jason Strougo had the production techniques and network contacts to fast track this show directly to air. Kids and parents reacted big time. The Result... "Wonder Pets" remains to this day within the top three pre-school shows in the nation. The show recently garnered the coveted "2010 Gracie Award" for Outstanding Children’s/Adolescent Program. "Wonder Pets" has also won dozens of other awards through the years, attibuting much the show's success to a positive underlying message.


"We developed the very first two interstitials (originally called "Linny the Guinea Pig"). These spots were created and aired directly on the network as an experimental project, taking an unusual course from concept to reality. Standard "show bible" and testing phases of development were completely circumvented using short form. We eliminated years of exhausting show development. Most of all, we created a show that speaks along with children... not down to them. Wonder Pets assumes pre-school kids are smart. Kids have the ability to stay interested in great stories and endearing characters... without relying on over the top sound effects and visual overload. Plus my kids got to see their toys used as props on national TV!"




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